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Vinson eCommerce Network Amazon consultants offer a full service from initial account creation and ongoing management including full reporting on all activities. We can handle your complete Amazon selling activities which allows you to concentrate on your other sales channels

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Product Cataloging Service

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Amazon keyword research

Creating a perfect Amazon listing starts with keyword research. The Amazon A9 search engine differs from others such as Bing and Google in one crucial respect. They are geared towards helping people find information. Amazon is focused on helping people find things to buy. What would someone type into Amazon when they want to find your product? We use multiple sources to refine an Amazon-specific list to cover all the bases.

The highest ranking keywords will go into the title, using as many of the characters that Amazon allows us at the time. (The length varies by category, and the rules often change. This is something we keep an eye on all the time).

The perfect Amazon listing

The next highest ranking keywords go into the bullets, which are structured to tell a story. The way our copywriters do this depends on your brand and your products; typically the first bullet gives an overview, then subsequent bullets focus on specific benefits, and the last may talk about an aspect of your brand.

Your customers feel that they are buying from Amazon, so we write the product description and A+ Content* as if Amazon were telling them about your product, whilst also adopting a tone of voice that’s in keeping with your brand.

Keywords are subtly woven in because the best Amazon listings appear natural and read easily. This avoids a black mark from Amazon for keyword stuffing, protects your brand and does wonders for your conversion as copy written for humans, not search engines, is more likely to persuade shoppers to buy.


Amazon Advertising

When you’re serious about maximizing your sales on Amazon, paid advertising is the best way to get your products in front of potential customers. A few years ago, organic search may have been enough, but now the marketplace is crowded and competition is fierce. Every year our clients spend over 1 m on Amazon advertising. We offer two types of Amazon PPC advertising – traditional and programmatic.

Traditional Amazon PPC advertising

The ad can be bought to give you a guaranteed number of impressions at a fixed price or Pay Per Click, an auction-based model in which you agree a price only pay when a shopper is sufficiently interested in your product or brand to click on the sponsored ad.

Traditional Amazon advertising includes Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Display Ads and Video Ads. Unlike Google display or PPC ads no copy is required for Amazon Sponsored Brand or Sponsored Product ads. Amazon creates a native-looking ad from your title and image.

Amazon Advertising Services

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon content is the key to Amazon optimisation. It includes images, videos, listings, A+ Content and Amazon storefronts.
Getting these right is the difference between a struggling Amazon presence and a healthy stream of sales.

Amazon Product Listing & A+ Brand Content

Amazon product listings

Copywriting is critical to getting listings found organically. A well-optimised listing can also improve relevancy for help reduce the cost of ad campaigns and of course, convert better to persuade more visitors to buy. All our listings are based on in-depth keyword research using a variety of tools and resources to truly understand the mindset of the customer. It is written to reflect your brand voice and structured using neuroscientific principles of persuasion for a high conversion rate.

Amazon A+ Content

A+ is a tool available to professional sellers on both Vendor Central and Seller Central. (Until recently, it was known as Amazon Enhanced Brand Content on Seller Central). This Amazon optimisation tool allows you to describe your product in more detail and include additional images and background detail. When used effectively, A+ leads to higher traffic and increased sales.
Our team of designers will design a template for your brand, and then create the A+ content, which we then upload to your product description page.

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